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Warren Thacker

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Hello all.  I wanted to post a couple chef's knives I've made recently.  I'd love to hear some feedback.  I've got a Nakiri style in the works at the moment.  I'll post it after completion.




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Thanks for the welcome Alan.  And, yes.  The second one was under the instruction of Burt Foster (with his nice press and power hammer), and I agree it is a nicer pattern.  I made some dies similar to what I used at his place to try on my little press.  We'll see how the Nakiri turns out.

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I just finished the 3 day chef knife class with Burt.  It was a great class for me with years of knifemaking but needing to fix bad habits and learn new stuff, but also some absolute beginners in the class made great knives. 20230113_180506.jpg

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