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Chad J.

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One of the Marines I went to Iraq with has asked if I can make him a xiphos, he wants to get himself a retirement present.  In doing my homework on the design aspects of this I see that the handle had scales according to the references but looking for contemporary examples for design I see generally hidden tang designs.  I am considering a framed handle to allow the guard to be fitted a bit easier.  Anyone have suggestions?  Any pointers on forging this?  I obviously have to make 2, one for myself, errr, i mean practice, and the final product.  Quick picture of the current design.  It looks a bit off to me,  like the blade is too long. 

 WARNING; My mind is a mess so everything is all over the place.


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These are among the earlier iron swords, and as such take a lot of inspiration from bronze swords.  So yes, if you want to be historically accurate, they are integral-guard full tangs, often with a T-section flanged rim around the tang.  That's really hard to do, which is why you will see absolutely zero mass-produced modern ones made that way. 


But I'm thinking you're not trying to make a museum-quality reproduction that a historian of Greek swords would say was absolutely accurate, right?  If all you want is to capture the shape and style, go for it.


A frame handle would be pretty neat on one, in my opinion.  With a frame thicker than the blade, you'd get the look of an integral flanged tang like the originals, but without the bother of forging it.  If you make the guard part of the frame, bonus integral look!   


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