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Wolf´s tooth pattern friction folder

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Hello, i finished my friction folder with wolf´s tooth pattern edge. The blade is made of wrought and K720. I used bronze disc for a "stopping" part of the blade which is decorated with silver inlay. The handle is made of antler.
The knife is great companion for light travelers for preparing their snacks and their battle against hunger. Probably it is some gift from rohirrim for their hobbit friends ;)
I hope you like it :)





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I do like it. Quite elegant in its simplicity. Nice job on the blade pattern

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I really like the larger teeth on this knife.   I have been researching wolf tooth patterns and  I'm curious what dimension steel you started with?  Nice craftsmanship 

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Thank you :) The edge steel was originaly about 8x8x100 mm. Then i forged teeth with chisel which has triangular shape and about 4 mm lenght of the wall. After that i forged the wrought iron in similar way, cleaned surfaces with file and weld it together. Next i forged the blade to the final shape and those teeth spreaded with that. 

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2 hours ago, Jirka Antes said:

next time i would like to make those teeth smaller...

I think they work quite well at the size you have them.


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