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belt grinders. motor position prefferences

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Hello, i was last on here a couple of years ago. i started making a 2 x 72, then life got in the way. Anyway im looking at my large pile of steel and fancying another shot at it. 

My last post answered a lot of questions on motors/vfd etc so im pretty happy with that but im not sure about motor mounting, as i am thinking about making the grinder tiltable. I think it would be a big benefit. 

The last one i started , i wasnt really happy with it to be honest so im starting over.......The side plates i have are 14 inches by 12, not sure if they are big enough for side mounted motor??

So the motor, i see i have a couple of choices for mounting it. either 90L floor mount on a plate, and make the whole base tiltable, probably on a hinge, or mounted to the body of the grinder.

Is there any prefference to which is best, and why please?

Thanks for your help. 

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nice build. 

ive done some more research and im currently converting the sayber grinder plans to metric.

my brothers work has a water jet cutter, so we will, errr, borrow it :rolleyes:for an hour or two soon.


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