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Leather discoloration

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I was wondering what am doing or not doing that makes my leather get a dirty sort of gray look? My hands were pretty clean and the leather wasn't wet more than an hour. I've had it happen before though it doesn't show through my dye so far. The leather was clean to start. 

Thank you 



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That happens to me all the time.  Chuck Burrows told me it was due to poor quality control during the tanning process, which is why he only used one brand of leather. He mentioned it in one of the pinned threads, I think.  


I still use the cheaper stuff. Dyes hide it well, and oil does too.

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Thank you Alan glad it's not just me. I did step up from my local stuff. I'll have to watch my Burrows DVD again for his recommendation. 

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These guys sell some really nice stuff

Frogjelly Leather - Leather and Leathercraft Supplies


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