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It's a knoife

Bjorn Gylfason

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A couple of weeks ago I got a commission to make a big and chunky knife in a much more modern style than I usually do and here is the result




it's got a 19cm long blade that I made with a C75 core, 75ni8 and then a 240 layer cladding. 


6mm at its thickest and tapers towards the tang and tip from there




And then I had to try out a few ideas which helped making the sheath more substantial to match 



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It's Rocking. You have definitely been expanding your repertoire as a maker of sharp and pointy objects.

“So I'm lightin' out for the territory, ahead of the scared and the weak and the mean spirited, because Aunt Sally is fixin’ to adopt me and civilize me, and I can't stand it. I've been there before.”

The only bad experience is the one from which you learn nothing.  





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