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Little Forged Fighter


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Love it. Good looking wrap.

Be mindful

Practice kindness

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It's just a leather thong ( one of a pair of 72 inch leather bootlaces actually) , I soak it for a while in water, and wrap it on the tang in the Japanese style, tie and trim it off, then dry it thouroughly with a heat gun, which shrinks the leather and pulls the wrap up tight.

Then I mixed up some two-part 24 hour cure epoxy, used an acid brush to completely saturate the leather,then you can warm that up again with the heat gun so it would soak in really thouroughly for a minute or two, then wipe off the access and let it set. In this particular case I bagged it and pulled a vacuum on it cause I have the stuff here, but it's not really nessecary to do that. The long-cure epoxies soak in nice, and although it darkens the material, otherwise you can't really tell it's there, and it leaves some pliability in the leather as well, but still seals it away from moisture.



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