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First go at something big.

Robert D.

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So its been about a year or so since I have been active here, I blame life. 

I decided to get back into things in a BIG way, in that I decided to forge a sword'ish type thing.  My new girlfriend is a huge fan of the pirates movies so its going to be very pirate'ish in the end since its hers. 

80CRV2 steel , started off as a 14 inch bar of 1.25 x .250 , now its about 3/16th thick at its thickest point and is about 19 inches from shoulder to tip. I am going to channel it and weld a threaded rod as my girlfriend wants a fancy handguard and pommel nut. 

Pic one is at the end of the first day, took about 4 hours ( Reference bar is 14 inch W2, those pics are coming soon ) but went full preform on the first day.


And then here it is after day two, Never done anything this big before, its a little wonky, i need to heat it and straighten it a bit, but its way better then I thought it would turn out. 


Im considering figuring out a fuller tool for it, we will see once I get it cleaned up and grinding started. 

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