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Dihydrogen Monoxide (hydric acid) MSDS

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Because April 1 is international DHMO awareness day.  Remember, what you don't know can kill you, what you do know will kill you, and if you say it a certain way, you'll get the crazies all riled up.


As little as a tablespoon can lead to death in humans, it dissolves limestone over time, and reacts explosively with metallic sodium. When exposed to calcium carbide it evolves acetylene gas. It enhances athletic performance in moderate doses.  When removed from foods, they last much longer than otherwise.  Yet somehow this substance is legal to possess in most countries.


Visit https://www.dhmo.org for more information.


Edit:  It is sometimes incorrectly identified as hydrogen hydroxide, H(OH).  This is incorrect.  The proper chemical designation is H20.

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