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Old news to most; new to me... Andy Davis

Don Abbott

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This forum is as closest thing I have to social media. My phone is only for calls and texts and I still have AOL email. So forgive me for being several months behind.


Most of you already know, but I only found out today that Andy Davis of Coal Iron Forge and formerly the Mad Dwarfs Workshop had passed a few months ago. 


I was introduced to Andy and David DelaGardelle when they were young'uns on this board. I was always impressed by their work. Both incredibly gifted young men.


I came across the video of Andy's memorial/anvil ringing. I recommend that you take the time to watch it if you haven't already. I saw a lot of familiar faces from the bladesmithsforum on the first video. It's a sweet tribute to a life well lived:



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This is the first I'd heard.  I never met him in person, but I did meet David at Ashokan in 2010.  They were a good team, and going places creatively.  Sorry to hear of it, he was way too young. :(

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