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Say, for 20 years or whatever, I’ve been carving my mark with a flex shaft & graver’s ball, but I’d like to up it to something new as I’m starting over anyway. ;)


New mark inspired by my Sigewif badge, so I’ll probably want an etching process.





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On 4/14/2022 at 6:18 PM, Alan Longmire said:

That'll work.  Even a hot stamp would be cool. B)


I started off with hot stamping, and between mis-strikes and grinding them out I decided that I hate them for blades. Fine for blacksmithing work, angry $#&*@& for blades. Thinking I’d like the etching stencils people use but have no clue what equip folks use to do it.

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13 minutes ago, J.Arthur Loose said:

Thinking I’d like the etching stencils people use but have no clue what equip folks use to do it.


Some companies can make them for you, they seem to last for 2 to 300 etches (source: https://youtu.be/QzQN7CPzuEs?t=204) so it shouldn't be that expensive.


My issue with etched marks is that they look too perfect, all identical and "printed out" on the blade so to speak, which can feel a bit impersonal. Punching can be problematic as you pointed out. I engrave but that just does not scale, and it has its own challenges.


I like your design!


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I use that same kind of electrolytic stencils as in the video above, I really like them.

I use the cheapest laboratory power supply I could find  because I didn't have a battery charger:rolleyes:

I also have seen people build their own devises and use laptop chargers.

I figured a power supply was easiest, It even came with alligator clamps for my q-tip:D


A q-tip soaked in salt water works fine, but I do want to get the proper electrolyte in the future.

The main thing was experimenting with the duration of the etch, it depends on the size of your mark and the depth you want.

My power supply is 15V 2A AC power, it will etch deeply but won't colour the steel black, I think that requires DC power.


I got the stencils from this german company, They were only around 15 euro each, so I had them make a few different sizes.


I think there should be suppliers in the us as well, as this is a very common process in industry.




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