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I swear I have my attention disorder almost under control. While I was waiting for supplies to continue with the fantasy set I decided to work on this one but simply couldn't put it away until it was finished :lol:


I do like making weird swords and the type xviiie definitely fits that category. Only really popular in Denmark between the 1450s to 1490s it is a weapon specialized to deal with plate armoured opponents


The one I made would be at the very upper end of plausible lengths for them at 160cm but one of the extant pieces found in Sorø sø has the tip missing and might have been around that length.


One of the defining features on them is the long and thick ricasso that combined with a relatively small crossguards makes half swording very enticing. Mine is a massive 12mm thick at the crossguard, 10mm where the bevels begin and still almost 6mm thick a few cm from the tip. Weighs in at 2400grams and the pob is mere 2cm in front of the guard.


And in my never ending experiments for historical finishes I decided that as filed would be fitting for the hilt components on a dedicated battlefield weapon.










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The old books on arms and armor I had as a younger person called that style an estoc, to be used on unhorsed plate-armored knights.  I imagine it would do the job!

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Now there’s something you don’t see. What a beast. I like it.

"The way we win matters" (Ender Wiggins) Orson Scott Card


Nos, qui libertate donati sumus, nes cimus quid constet.

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That's a beautiful two handed sword.  I like the fuller in the ricasso.







HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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That thing is seriously fun.

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