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Machete W.I.P and bevel angle Q?

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I am working on this blade made out of some of the concrete blade steel.

It cam out of the quench reasonably straight. 

The next time I will have some kind of fixture set up to clamp the blade in when I take it out of the oil.

What's a good angle do ya think I should shoot for here?

The blade is a little under 1/8"   and right now its ground about 3/8" up the blade.

Once upon a time Joel put a post up that was kind of a cheat sheet for if the blade is x amount thick....and the bevel is y amount tall....then the angle =z

I could probably use a re fresher course on the lingo......if its 15* a side.....is that 30* inclusive....or do I have it backwards.

Does the search function work for topic titles? I think I already asked Joel for this once with one titled something like paging Joel to the white courtesy phone.

I had it saved but that was a computer or 2 ago.

If there is any constructive criticism to improve this one.....or anything to change on the next one please feel free.

I am pretty excite to swing this one.


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Based on my working machetes (store bought, I add!), that looks about right.  Somewhere around here there's pics of the blades with the bevel height and blade thickness...  I'll see if I can locate that thread.

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Just for the record, I use a triangle calculator. 



Not that it's going to much useful if you don't already know what angle your want. 


Also, I learned that grinding too thin at edge is no good when you hack into dry dead tree knots. My bladesportish knife blade is like a cooked bacon now :lol:. I have been extremely hard on it though, because I wanted to know it's limits. I don't think hacking into 2x4 would ever have done such damage. 

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