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Guy finds an axehead with a root growing into it in Kansas

Alan Longmire

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That is very cool. I have a couple dug heads from that period, perhaps a little later, but never one with a root handle.


Dog certainly looks nervous.

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Oh yeah, can’t say I’ve found an axe with a root like that but have had to cut many roots to get my treasure while metal detecting. That’s the main reason glass and ceramic doesn’t last in the ground. Roots break most. You guys want to hammer on some old metal, get a metal detector. There’s still a lot of wrought iron in the ground.

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That's just cool

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I work at a sawmill for the day job and I find a lot of things that trees grow around, but that's a new one! Needless to say it's a surprise to have a blade explode in the middle of a 5' diameter log because it grew around a rock or a metal fence post 80 years ago!

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A few years ago, I was cutting up firewood.  One big chunk of crotch wood needed sawing before I could get it in the splitter.  Killed three chainsaw chains on that piece and when I finally split it there was a melon sized rock in there.

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