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I need a tension piston

Zane R

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I've searched online and looked at forums but for some reason I am not finding what I need.  I'm not even sure I'm using the right terminology because right now it just seems to escape me.  I am modifying an existing jet belt grinder/sander into a 2x48, 4 wheel grinder, and for the tension I want to use the piston or shock absorber type set up instead of a spring.  Can anyone tell me where I can get one of these?  Thank you in advance! 

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Most use the gas stay or strut  from a hatch back. Most car parts outlets have them. Use it upside down so the grit does not impact on the seal.

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Von Gruff


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You want enough force that the belt twangs like a bass guitar string when you pluck the long bit of it.  I use a spring instead of a gas strut, but it's the same idea.  It shod be stiff enough that it's hard to compress without leaning on it.

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