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Dragon friction folder from city of Dale

Jirka Antes

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Hello, i recently got that knife into my hands. Probably it is a knife from Dale, the city which was destroyed by dragon Smaug and after his death it was rebuilt. The knife comes from times after the city was restored. My opinion about its origin is based on two main things. First is obvious, it is a dragon head which is on top of the "locking mechanism". Second one is the style of decoration which we can see on the knife. Acording those sharp edges of the inlayed parts and a little carving in scales, i assume that it is influenced by the art of dwarfs who have their kingdom under the Mountain which is quite close to the Dale. Certainly it is not a dwarven work because it doesn' t reach to their craft level. 

Now to knife itself:

Blade is made if wrought iron with high carbon steel edge and it is decorated by light carving, silver eye and copper teeth of the dragon. The handle has wrought iron bolsters with deep etch and silver inlay. Scales are made of swamp oak and they are decorated by beaded silver wire.






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That is quite stunning, never seen a friction folder done quite like that, the ring around the dragon's neck is an interesting idea! B)

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I really like that one. Nice work sir

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