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Nijmegen narrow seax

Jeroen Zuiderwijk

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15 hours ago, Dick Sexstone said:

And I would add that the shank end should be as perpendicular and flat as you can get it…… I agree with Alan about a small hammer ….and I would use a flat ended punch that you can press flat  on to the rivet…… the first blow is the most important so using a punch enables you get every thing lined up before hitting it with the hammer…..it makes hitting the end of the rivet  just right with  the hammer the first time a little less in need of skill and luck……use a piece of flat stock the thickness of the length of the shank and drill a perpendicular hole the size of the wire you are using ….. insert the rivet and file it …..then you will have rivets all the same length and square on the end…..


and congrats on finishing it…… Nice!!!   I think you did an amazing job for a learning project…. And your attitude about perfection is a good one to hold i think…… 

Thanks! I'll try with the flat headed punch!

Jeroen Zuiderwijk

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/barbarianmetalworking

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