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I have a limited supply of Type N Temp probes by Omega for sale.

These are the probes: https://www.omega.com/en-us/temperature-measurement/temperature-probes/probes-with-integral-connectors/kqxl-nqxl/p/NQXL-116U-18

3 Name plate 2.jpg


The specs say " For Use Up to 1335°C (2440°F)", but the rated process max temp is 1900°F, so they can get a little wonky above 1900.

These are new and in the original packaging. The probe is .062" diameter and 18" long. They come with the 2-piece molded connectors and associated connection devices.


1 Package.jpg


2 Connectors.jpg


They do not come with a lead wire or temp readout/controller. The typical wire lead is 24 ga.

You take the two screws out of the molded connector and remove the cover.

4 Open connetor.jpg


Attach the leads through the insulated ring and replace the cover.

5 Wired connector.jpg


Attach the other ends of the leads to the readout/controller terminals.


6 Wire to controller.jpg


And plug in the readout/controller.

7 Working.jpg


These cost $46.69 + shipping from Omega. After checking postage rates for first class mail, I reduced the prices a little.

I'm selling for $35 $30 each including shipping CONUS. Three or more for $30 $25 each including shipping.

PM me for purchase details.


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