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"Iron Age" Sheaths?

Aiden CC

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Recently I've found myself interested in iron age knives, spurred on by the 5-6th century CE example with a leaf shaped blade and birch burl handle showcased by Secrets of the Ice. One thing it has been difficult to find information on is what the sheaths for these knives looked like. Has anyone heard of a sheath find from this era? A lot comes up from a few centuries later but I haven't been able to track down earlier finds, maybe they didn't use (as much) metal/were less well preserved for some other reason? Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places.


I did find an interesting suggestion that the serpentine stitch and larger cord on some Anglo Saxon sheaths for small knives was used as a way to form a sheath for knives with a centered tip without wet forming (and thus avoiding damage to the knife in a world without plastic wrap), as pulling the cord taught would cause the seam to "accordion" pulling the tip to the center and keeping the edge away from the stitching without a welt. Is it possible a similar principle was used to sheath these knives with a somewhat similar blade shape?


Thanks for reading, any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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