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New photos of Fisher anvil

James Hoffman

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I said I won’t be able to do anything until next week but it kept calling me every time I looked at it. I contacted the Fisher museum and got some good info. I was made in the early 20’s and sold in 1932 . If it was sold in the year it was made they ground off the last two digits and rest amped it the year it was sold because they warranted it for one year. He also said it was a 350 / 400 pounder. 
He told me it was okay to wire wheel it lightly and give it a coat of light oil. 
so here’s what it looks like now. 







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What you have there is a 100-year old anvil that is still brand new.  Amazing dumpster find...

You'll never need a better anvil.  Check that off the list.

(Well, you'll want one, but never need one :) )


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1 hour ago, James Hoffman said:

400 pounder

That's means the hardy hole should be 1 1/2.  Have fun forging tools for it, I know I have.  After one hot cut, I just bought a length of 1 1/2 square and welded on the shank :-)

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