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Hearth Steel Seaxes WIP

Aiden CC

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Some more progress, and I may have started another one…


I don’t like fitting bolsters or guards, so I decided I would try punching the slot. I would say it worked fairly well! I will probably have to peen over a few bits and file them but I think it’s pretty close. The bar is wrought iron anchor chain forged thick for the lower bolster and thin for the upper bolster. This is for the narrow sax. 



Oops :blink:. I may have overheated the tip a little bit, but the rest seems to be pretty solid. No other cracks or defects that I could see while forging. I was going for something a bit longer, but this should be the right size for a Coppergate inspired knife/seax. This is a butt weld of 8 fold hearth steel and anchor chain, admittedly I was getting a bit tired of the difficulties coming from inlaying a steel edge, I had a prolonged struggle with a funayuki using this material, so I kept it simple. 

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