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"Sword Reflections" - Upcoming Sword and Dagger Classes in New Hampshire

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Dear fellow forumites, it was way too long sine I made a post here at our forum. I hope to make amends and get more active again. There are new things going on in the workshop that I would like to share. This is not the reason for the current post however.

I am happy to announce that Zack Jonas and I are preparing new set of Sword Reflection Classes this November at Zack´s home and studio in central New Hampshire! We will run a seven-day class on the medieval European falchion from, and a five-day class on the medieval European dagger.
First class on November 5-11:
The Falchion - A Week Dedicated to the Design & Construction of the Medieval European Falchion
“The medieval European falchion is an historical weapon that is somehow both iconic and strangely misunderstood. It is sometimes erroneously described as a heavy cleaving weapon based on the curved scimitars wielded by the Islamic adversaries of the crusaders. The reality is quite different.
This weeklong class will explore the characteristics and design principles that define the falchion, using detailed documentation of historical originals. We will learn what can be expected in terms of their heft and balance, and we will look closely at their cross sections, edge geometry, hilt construction, and ergonomics. The class will cover heat treatment, design, grinding, and construction.
While it is possible to complete your sword during the class, the sword itself is not the point. It can be a somewhat unreasonable to expect to complete a sword in seven days, WHILE learning how to make said sword, much less to expect that you will have the time to make a refined object. Your energy may be more wisely spent on a week of total immersion in learning. In other words, place less emphasis on the sword itself, and more emphasis on the skills you can gain.”
Second class, on November 14-18:
Dagger Days - Five Days Dedicated To The Design & Construction of Medieval European Daggers
“Medieval European daggers come in many distinct shapes and forms. Much of what we are familiar with in contemporary knives and daggers can be traced back to these medieval forebears, but there are interesting and important differences between original and modern examples. A familiarity with the design of medieval cutlery can open our minds to a deeper understanding of the craft today and inspire ideas that might otherwise have been beyond our thinking.
Over the course of five days, we will study a number of different dagger types and take a closer look at their blade shapes, cross sections, edge and point geometry, as well as their overall dimensions, proportions, and ergonomics. The hilt configurations of these knives can be surprising, and their blades often feature dramatic cross sections and inventive grinds, employed in ways that may inspire you. The class will feature exercises in two- and three-dimensional mediums to explore these features.
The goal of this class is not to make a dagger. In fact, the point is not actually to make anything, as such. Rather, the goal is to examine and internalize cutlery principles and details through the practical study of historical originals so that you can apply the knowledge to your own work. In the interest of covering more ground, most of the work will be done on non-hardenable model blades. You do, however, have the option to work on one blade in high carbon steel, with the idea that this may improve your attention and focus and thus potentially offer a different learning experience.”
For more details about the classes, please contact Zack at: zack@jonasblade.com
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Welcome back Peter. This year is aleady booked solid and I cannot add anothe trip. Otherwise I would be on that dagger class in a NY minute.

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18 minutes ago, Joshua States said:

Welcome back Peter. This year is aleady booked sold and I cannot add anothe trip. Otherwise I would be on that dagger class in a NY minute.

Thank you!

Yes, the years tend to fill up quickly. 
If the world goes on a bit longer we shall arrange more classes with at least two sets in 2023, perhaps three (spring, summer autumn most probably). I shall get back with details as soon as I know the dates and the content.

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Good to hear from you again Peter!


I also have a lot of travel this fall, but you have me thinking hard.  I'd love to take part in one of these classes next year if not this one :)

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