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Knife #6 and the first successful sabre grind

Lucas Duncan

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My first attempt at a sabre grind was TERRIBLE so I had to try it again. My first knife was more of a prison shiv so it won't ever be posted here, or anywhere :) I am somewhat pleased with how this turned out though. 



1084 steel with brass pins and layered G10 for handle material. To get the stripes to show up on the knife I ground the layered G10 down at 1.5 degrees like I was putting a bevel on it. Then I made the other side parallel. The end effect was that the layers are no longer parallel to the knife and it kinda brings some to the surface like you would see after an earthquake pushes up layers of sedimentary rock. After all was said and done, the flats on either side of the handle are flat and parallel to each other. 



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