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Curious old blade wootz made ?


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I'm new in this forum,

I like the steel work and the art of traditionals  bladesmiths, 

I live in France andI like old knives since I was a child, now I am fourty... 

I collect pocket knives like spanish navajas and like foreign blades too


Few time ago, I found this old knife who seems to me an afghan knife.

The blade steel is ''strange'' , seemed made of wootz steel but

I tried to sand it and etch  ( I have got no Nital... :(    )  but there is no ''real'' contrasted pattern.


I know wootz steel is not a damascened steel blade with artistics structured patterns and I see looking closely, intricated structure in the steel

so I wanted to show it to you, specialists  in steel forge and quality...


Glad I you can give me your advice/ your opinion.


Kind regards









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I keep hoping one of our resident wootz people will pick this up.  Maybe if I move it to the history subforum?  You may get more of a response there.  Also, if anyone can read the cartouche that would be nice.


All I can tell you is it's some variety of crucible steel, Indo-Persian most likely, with that odd reinforced armor-piercing point you see on Mughal blades.  Is the handle made of horn?  

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Hello Alan,

That's a lot for your message !

Yes the handle is made of horn,

It is '' a new one'' , not mu work but not thé original I guess,

it don't follows the tang who is more curved...  I have to put some pictures to show it.

Glad if you can move the post in a most appropriate thema.   )


Kind regards 




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