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Drawknife Progress

Matthew Biondi

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Making a drawknife for a woodworker friend of mine. The steel is 52100, and this was my first project using a known steel that I bought new!


This one's almost done, just need to add the handles, which will be turned on said friend's lathe! I chose to keep the blade straight (not curved toward or away from the handles) , and the blade is 8" long. Even without the handles, it's definitely a functional drawknife! I really enjoyed this project, and I like the bit of forge scale left on the finish. Tells you that it's handmade without being in the way! I always appreciate thoughts and advice. One of the things I struggled with was getting the bends on each handle the same. I made the nicer-looking one completely by accident, and of course couldn't reproduce it on the other side <_<

P.S. Yes, the photo is edited together with shots taken throughout the process. It works to show the process :P


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14 minutes ago, Alan Longmire said:

Looks good!


How did you harden it? Quench the whole thing and draw back the handles?


Yessir! Well, technically I haven't drawn back the handles yet, but mounting the wood handles will be done via burn-through with the blade wrapped in a wet rag, so that will be the effect. It was quite the challenge to harden it, because even with handles bent I needed a wider quench tank than I had easy access to. Ended up trying a few different things and just settling on a plastic bucket... not a long-term solution, but for one careful  quench it didn't get hot enough to melt any plastic and produce toxic fumes. 

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I have one that is currently forged and rough ground, waiting for HT. I really should finish that someday....

How thick did you make yours at the spine?

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