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17th Century Basket Hilt Broadsword

jake cleland

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Just finished riveting the suspension stuff on this. It's an 80th Birthday present for my dad. He started the blade about 15 years ago, and never finished it, so a few months ago I stole the blade off him, and started mounting it up. It's a reproduction of the sword used by one of our ancestors in the late 17th century. The basket parts are forged from mild steel, and assembled cold with steel rivets. I then brazed the tops of the bars, filed it all clean again and oil blued it. The pommel is forged down from two sections of heavy tube and brazed together. The handle is bog oak, and the basket is lined at the guard with leather and suede lambskin. The scabbard is cowhide, with a butt-stitched seam up the back, lined with sheepskin fleece, stiffened with poplar veneers, and covered with lambskin, with a steel throat and chape. I went with a medieval longsword style suspension with copper and brass hardware, as a baldric didn't seem to suit such an early sword...


cleland sword 5.jpg


cleland sword 10.jpg


cleland sword 6.jpg


cleland sword 7.jpg


cleland sword 8.jpg


cleland sword 9.jpg


cleland sword 11.jpg


cleland sword 12.jpg


cleland sword 2.jpg


cleland sword 4.jpg


The original 


cleland 2.jpg




And a comparison with my basket:


cleland 11.jpg


Let me know what you think...

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Jake, that is a really impressive piece of work. I love it. That is the coolest thing I have seen lately. Great.


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I think that your father is going to be busting with pride to own that.  Well done.



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Great project with a great back story.  Is your ancestor's original in  a museum?  If it is, and I were the curator, I would want your guys' project on exhibit along next to it.


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