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Some recentish stuff


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Have not posted any pics in a while.    Had a few commissions I've made along the way.   Nothing special,  still struggle on handles and sheaths.


Just a spring steel kitchen, cats claw handle.




A Little damascus paring knife. G10/Rubber handle.  Nice stuff.



13 Layer.  G10/Rubber Handle.




300 Layer Rain Drop.  Deer antler, manzanita.





300 Layer Raindrop.   Double Edge.  Walnut Handle.    Calling the Blade Shape a Viper Pattern.   Just a fancy push dagger that can double as a skinner.

Slight Rant... To Follow.




Smiths and Knife Enthusiasts BEWARE!.


I made made this knife a guy.    He Paid for it.    A design I'm playing with.  Works nice as a double edged blade.   No Problems.


If you run across this knife in the wild.   Beware,  It is owned by a Liar and a Thief.   Don't trust the guy.  No legs below the knee, generally miserable type.

I made what I thought was a Gentleman's agreement with a guy I did business with previously.  Former Co-worker btw.   I asked if he could make me a gear for a motor

that I needed for a machine I have:  


The so said "bad verbage"  agreed.     I stupidly, gave so said guy the gear and motor to match and machine so said gear from bronze.  Guess what,  I got neither back. After several patient months of waiting, with no results, former co-worker gets new job.   Ghost.    I'm upset.   It's not like I can't get the machine to work without out, just got screwed by a guy you thought you could trust.   Hate when that happens.  Can really sour a guy.   Life goes on.   Wish the miserable sorry S.O.B. lives forever.


So, to finish my public service announcement.  If you see that knife anywhere.  Well, I made it, so it's as badass as I could make it.  Second, Don't trust the holder, or the knife as I have put a VooDoo curse on it.






Some good news,  you might see the squarsh growing in there :)





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On 9/2/2022 at 9:32 PM, Bruno said:

motor that I needed for a machine I have:


Here are some pictures I didn't have before,  which prevented any sort of police report as I had no proof..


Got them now.     She's a beauty, no ?


Anyone ever seen a motor like this before, or know anything about them ?


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