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This one is a commissioned piece for a benefit auction put on by the His Cavvy Foundation. 

Material is 52100, brass and desert Ironwood. Blade length is 2 7/8" handle is 3 3/4".

I made a right handed cross draw sheath for it, as they are very popular in the cowboy world, and I made the knife handle very slender so it will fit close to the body and not be in the way of elbows, saddle horns or chaps. 

Originally, I made three blades of this design for three different orders. One broke when I tried to stamped it, the other broke when I tried to beat the guard on, and naturally the only survivor had the ugly stuttered stamp on it. With a hard fast deadline of next week and not quite enough material to comfortable grind it out and restamp, I'll have to live with that flaw. Other than that though, I'm very happy with how this knife came out.








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