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Before I start my first leatherworking project..

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Hi, So I am currently working on a nakiri for my father as a Christmas present as he loves to cook and figured it would be a nice addition to his collection of knives, however. He is quite an old school guy who loves leather which lead me to the decision to make my first ever leatherworking project as I make a sheath for the blade. I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing and was wondering if there were any more experienced personnel who could aid me with a few tips and tricks. Any help would be very much appreciated



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Nice tutorial, very informative. Will definitely be using a lot of that in my sheath so thanks. One question i do have though is, i found this veg tanned leather that's already a nice shade of brown and to be honest couldn't find a lot of other leather within my price range. Would i still be able to use this pre dyed leather or would it be better dyeing it myself and looking around a bit more?

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