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Wootz Feed Material Calculator

Jacob Christian

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Hello Everyone, 


I wanted to quickly share a free tool that I programmed for calculating feed materials for wootz/crucible steel. This calculator makes it extremely easy to play around with different ingredients in your melts and get to your final recipe faster.


The calculator does require an email and password, nothing too serious but this is only so you can easily save and track your feed materials and melts. 


First there is an explanation of all the functions and how to use the calculator. 

Next is all of your saved recipes. Here is a screenshot of my current recipes. 


After that will be all of your feed materials which can be added to the exact specifications of your material. 



Then comes the fun part.... The calculator section. In this section there is a drop down for easily adding any of your feed materials that you added to the section above. The target carbon percentage is used to automatically calculate how much of your carbon source you should add. When you click calculate, it will auto-increment the carbon source weight by .01 grams until your desired total carbon percentage is reached. 




Finally, once you hit calculate, the expected results of the ingot will be printed out along with the amount of your carbon source material that you will need to add to hit your target carbon percentage. 






Here is the link to the calculator https://www.wootzsmithforum.com/wootz-calculator/ , Enjoy!!


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