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Wrought Iron Dragon

Matt Walker

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Yesterday at our guild meeting I was honored by having this dragon turned over to me. I had admired it just after it's creation nearly 30 years ago. Some of you met Mike Rose at our recent Hammer in, he has made many dragons but this has always been my favorite. What a talented artist! Sorry it isn't sharp but I believe this community will appreciate the creativity. When the upload finishes on my slow connection, I have connected some photos into a clip .




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Matt Walker                https://www.youtube.com/@onedamascusmaker/videos

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Thanks, The texture is from a deep etch. He doesn't remember the etchant but guesses he put it in muriatic acid. Good idea Brian, at the hammer in he was the fellow who did tongs and had the big fantasy blade in the IITH. 

Matt Walker                https://www.youtube.com/@onedamascusmaker/videos

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