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Water buckets

Garry Keown

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There is always a problem when working on longer blades with the depth of the water bucket so last couple of times I used a barrel but it takes so much water and more room at the grinder than I would like so I had a look at some buckets I had and a plan formed.

There is the rim around the top and bottom of the bucket and it just so happened that the rim of the  2o liter bucket fitted snugly over the 10 liter bucket and with the bottom of the 20 liter bucket cut out there is a 20 -25mm overlap so  will use a good grade of wet area silicone and put it together and add 4 small gutter bolts round it to ensure there is no pull against the silicone if I am shifting it by the handle.







To make sure there is no danger of stabing through the bottom of the bucket I cut the bottom from the 20 liter bucket to fit as a protector to the bottom of the bucket with a couple of loops of light rope so it can be lifted out with any accunulated metal that comes from the grinder.







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Von Gruff


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