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Looking for info on anvil

Luciano DeFaria

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Hi all! I'm new to the forum and I'd like to know if you guys can help me identifying a new anvil I was able to purchase.


It seems to be pretty old, but I can't tell the origin because I don't know much about anvils and I can't quite read the brand or the information on it.


Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Anvil (1).jpeg

Anvil (2).jpeg

Anvil (3).jpeg

Anvil (4).jpeg

Anvil (5).jpeg

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I can't tell you exactly who made it, but it is English and dates between ca. 1830 - 1870.  The crown mark and the large letters between the feet make it look like a William Foster, but those are usually also stamped with a date and the name.  There is an unknown maker of the same period in Stourbridge, and this one looks like it may have said that.  


The 1 0 20 on the other side is the weight when new, which was 132 pounds or 60 Kg.  It's forged from wrought iron with a face made from several small plates of thin steel laid side by side and forge-welded in place.  For this reason it's usually a bad idea to try and flatten the face by grinding or milling, the hardness is only less than 0.5cm thick and can easily go away.  Electric welding to build up the edges is risky as well, as that can both soften the face and make it crack.  I would simply use it as it is and appreciate the many years it has spent as someone's main tool.  If you need sharp edges you can and should make a block that fits in the hardy hole.  

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