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Downsizing, For Sale & Free Stuff!


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I know there isn't going to be a lot of interest for most of this stuff but I figured I would try and find it a good home. I have to drastically downsize my shop and storage by the end of 2023 so I am getting rid of a lot of equipment and supplies. I have already sold my power hammers and extra anvils and swage blocks. I will post stuff as I get a chance. This is just the stuff I know I can access right now or have had the time to take pictures of & list. I have a whole hole 20' X 60' building to clear out. Make an offer if you see anything that interests you, I need it gone! I am open to trades for smaller high carbon steel stock, old large circular saw blades, hardwood blocks & other misc tools. All items located near Appleton, WI.



- post vises, 15-20 of them, from small really old ones to large newer ones, from great shape to almost scrap

- shaper vise

- antique "automatic" band saw blade sharpener, has jack shaft

- large manual metal shear, very heavy!, have handle

- medium manual shear with punch, I don't have any punches that fit

- powered throatless rotary shear with stand

- several larger electric motors, 2hp-15hp, all three phase

- untested but supposedly working VFD drives, most are allen bradley, were customer returns I bought from an estate sale, I think these are all single to three phase

- new VFD drives, various models, single to 3 phase and 3 phase to 3 phase

- air compressor "heads", these are NOS and were for those air pumps you see at gas stations for filling tires, i have 4 or 5 of them


Steel & other materials:

- misc pieces of crucible m2 (~200lbs) and m4 (~600lbs) tool steel, some small rounds 1" diameter and under, a few larger diameter pieces, and large chunks. I have a xls file of sizes

- large 52100 steel rounds, 5 or six pieces 7"-9" diameter and various lengths., about 1800lbs. l can untarp these for measurements or pictures if anyone is interested in them.

- Industrial plastics pieces 1/2"-3" thick, Delrin/Acetal, UHMW, Nyloil, Nylatron, ect, I have a bunch of it


Misc ferro alloys and alloying elements:

- bucket of Sorel cast iron ingots. 4-6 hole ingots and several half/partial ingots

- about 12lbs ferro niobium

- about 4lbs ferro molybedenum

- about 1 lb molybendum flake

- small jar ferro zirconium

- small jar zirconium


Free Stuff

- small rivets, thin head, have a few pails full

- CO2 regulators, primary & secondary

- two NoPak air cylinders, 6" bore X 44" stroke with clevis and mounting plate & pin

- I have some thin exotic wood boards, cracked bowl blanks and other misc exotic hardwood pieces.

- large & small pipe tongs

- two old small tank less air compressors

- several boxes of old welding rods

- thick rough cut elm boards 1"-2" thick, cut over 30 years ago
























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