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New to forging and not sure what to call this knife I made

Mathew Young

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Started out thinking it was going to be a medium size bowie, but got to working the steel on the anvil, playing with ideas on curving the blade. Now I have a knife I really like, but when my buddies ask what type of knife it is, I'm not sure what to call it. It is made from 1095. Overall length is about 14" and it has that wicked curve of a jambiya but feels like a bowie to me. This is maybe my 13th knife I've made since getting a forge for my 55th birthday.  First 12 were sets of 4 kitchen knives for each of my 3 adult children (Christmas presents). 





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forgot to list steel type

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Welcome to the madness....definitely looks like a butcher's knife to me too. I think they also called them "breaking knives"?

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Great looking knife Matthew.  I too am 55 and relatively new to forging--my kids bought me a 2x42 inch grinder for my birthday two years ago and I built a shed to house my forge in the backyard.  I bet that knife would be a great steak cutter.  

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A butcher's knife is the first thing that comes to mind.  Welcome to one of the most useful spaces I've found in my journey as a bladesmith, so thanks for adding to the community.


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