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EDC "Jake" knife

Jaron Martindale

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I know EDC is a stretch..like a nice big long stretch in the morning..lol...but I wasn't sure what else to call it.:lol:


This is a blade shape I designed for a friend who used to do volunteer firefighting and dabbled in wildland firefighting (he is also the namesake for the design).  It is very Tanto inspired with the goal of being slightly "tacti-cool" while still functional.  This is the 4th blade I made in this shape and I'm really starting to enjoy it. :)


Jake knife4-11.jpg Jake knife4-7.jpg


Jake knife4-5.jpg Jake knife4-2.jpg


This one is 80CrV2 with a ferric etch and Coffee Soak (24+ hours), hand-sanded up to 2000 grit (not particularly fond of polished finishes, so I try to keep most everything satin by going up to 220 on the grinder, then hand-sanding at 180, 400, 600, 1500, and then 2000 on days I particularly hate myself). 

The blade is a beefy 3/16 at the spine's base with a distal taper finishing in a swedge for the last two-ish inches.  It features a flat grind and the tip has a convex grind; this gives me the look of the hollow grind and flat ground American tanto point but more material behind the blade for a more abusive environment (that's the theory anyways), which is also why I opted for a more traditional looking Kissaki type tanto tip vs the very angular American type tanto tip.


The handle is Padauk, which is a brilliantly beautiful wood and smells pleasant to boot!!  Though it did stain my hands a pinky-red once the dust mixed with my dunk bucket, and then I just looked like I had been finger-painting all day, lol:P


Jake knife4-8.jpg Jake knife4-9.jpg

I'm considering keeping this one, mostly because I like the handle,lol!:ph34r::lol:


Thank you for looking!  I'm thinking if I continue to do this style I'll just keep a running thread here. :)

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Glued up this new Jake knife yesterday and shaped the handle today before work.  Pretty happy with the progress between the two knives. B)


Also 80CrV2, given a satin "polish" with a quick scrub of a 5k grit pad.  Handle is Maple from am neighbor's tree that was trimmed by the local utilities a couple of years ago.









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Really like the look of this one and the contrast between heartwood and sapwood in the handle. Seems to really balance out the composition. What's the black bit on the blade? A bit of jeweller's pitch or some forge scale that wasn't ground off?

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On 2/23/2024 at 10:36 PM, Carlos Lara said:

What's the black bit on the blade? A bit of jeweller's pitch or some forge scale that wasn't ground off?

It's some forge scale on a bit I keep forgetting to not taper at the forge...:ph34r::P

In person it looks less like a spatter of mess and more like forge scale, and I tend to leave it because people associate it with "proof it was forged" (at least that's what they tell me when they see it, lol!!).:lol:

Thank you for the compliments!

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On 2/28/2024 at 11:52 PM, Jaron Martindale said:

I tend to leave it because people associate it with "proof it was forged"

Something that I also do on kitchen knives, leaving just a little forge mark here and there. They will dissapear once the patina develops on the blade.

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