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Info on patinas

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I'm getting into bronze casting, and I want to make a replica of the sword of Guojian. Now, I understand they somehow put the patination on by carving the mold. Does anyone know how they did that? My only guess is that after carving the mold, they drop in drops of colouring solution, then let it dry before casting, but if anyone knows better or could point me where to look I would appreciate it!

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I've never heard of patination in the mold.  Especially since the casting will need to be cleaned up quite a bit after removing it from the mold, that would remove any patina anyway.  All the bronze patinas I am familiar with are surface chemical applications after the piece is finished, and there are as many of those formulas as there are bronze casters.  


That particular sword has extensive post-casting cold work to make the surface patterns.  The original probably had some mercury gilding as well.  

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