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Elforyn super tusk

Joël Mercier

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I haven't worked with that particular material, but it looks and sounds very close to Resin-Ivory +S from these guys: https://guitarpartsandmore.com/index.php


I've used that a bit, and it works very well.  A little chippy when drilled or sawed, but otherwise great stuff.  Garry Keown uses it quite a bit.  I find it prefers buffing with red rouge moreso than white diamond or Zam.  

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I have a huge block of it, it is nice stuff but a bit whiter and less figured than I expected.

I have never worked with real ivory so I have no idea how much it resembles the real stuff.


It sands and polishes very fast and is sensitive to dirt getting into the surface, so working with clean hands is a must.

It also smell lovely like coconuts. :blink:


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