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Multibar chef's knife for the wife's family

Zeb Camper

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I just finished this chef's knife as a thanks for all that my wife's family has done for us. I plan to give it to them next time we go up to visit.


The blade was made in part from an old twisted rod of damascus left over from my sword making a few years back. The rest was 1080 from NJSB. The bloster and butt cap are made from wagon tire. The little nails were made from bigger nails from broken down pallets. The handle was salvaged from an old rifle stock that my old boss was about to put in the wood stove. 20230319_170538~3.jpg20230319_175102.jpg20230319_175034~3.jpg



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22 hours ago, Joël Mercier said:

Even prettier that in the shot I saw earlier. Welcome back, my friend :ph34r:

It's actually the same shot with added contrast! :lol: well actually contrast is close to the same. Think I maybe decreased white point, increased black point, increased shadows, and sharpened it. I used to think of that as cheating but it's all there and you can see it with your eyes in person so why not show it off in picture form? 

I'd love to have an actual camera lol. 

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