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Another one about dust collecting


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After the weekend of grinding my spear head, my better half has decided I need to get a better system to collect metal dust. Does anyone have experience or knowledge (personal or otherwise) with the Magna-matic Mag-200 for knife makers? Thanks!

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So I took the plunge. It was a bit expensive but it does the job so well. Did 1.5 hours of grinding last night (making a mandrel for spear making) and barely any dust anywhere outside the collector. Could see the sparks that normally come off the top of the belt getting sucked down back through the funnel . Actually has enough draw through the grinder shroud that it helped keep the platen cool.




Also set it up so I can use my wood dust collector. The wood collector port is plugged by a metal end cap when grinding metal. 




The better half is VERY happy (and so am I)...

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