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Cast in Steel 2023 - African Spear

Jerrod Miller

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I couldn't think of a better place to put this, but definitely wanted to share this.  Every year the Steel Founder's Society of America (SFSA) puts on a competition for college students to cast an item and test it a-la Forged in Fire (complete with @Ben Abbott and David Baker as judges).  In the past students have made a bowie knife, Viking style axe, "Thor's Hammer", Celtic sword, and now African Spears. 


Here is a link to this year's YouTube livestream (there are big gaps, so be prepared to skip through to see the good content).  The audio isn't great at times, but you'll get the idea.  


And here is a link to the edited down version.  

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They have posted some more videos.  

Here is a playlist with judges commentary on the spears:  


And each team created a video to submit with the spears.  


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