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Press build .....getting closer =)

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Sooooo Some of ya saw this tacked up waiting on a real welder. 

I just got it back. Now I can make the lower anvil....and a way to remove and replace dies and dies themselves.

I think I am gonna buy some flat stock and plate top and 2 up right pieces together.

I am not the greatest welder but I dont think I can hurt it =)

I think some 5/16 3/8 plate gussets between the up rights and 2x2's couldnt hurt either.

Any sugestions,thoughts.....,predictions. lol


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Keep posting! Watching, as I got one I need to build also.

 Thanks Kreg
Gary LT 

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"I Never Met A Knife I Didn't Like", (Will Rogers)

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Posted (edited)

My recent non working status has stalled me ....and will probably take a bit to get caught up.

I went from flooring salesman/estimator the last 40 years to the lowest paying job there is at the Karl Malone powersports there is. lol

On  bright note it is less than 300 yards from my house.

My kid pulled this somewhere off his gti the other day....I dont know where it came from but I could ask. He put a new cyl. head on.

I was thinking I could make this into my spreading dies.

On the back side it almost looks cast? Would that be an issue??

I dont wanna go through all the work if its not going to work.

Any thoughts on the profile good or bad??

I will edit the pics in,




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Sure looks cast to me with that raised lettering.  I don't think its a good idea to use cast iron in a press.

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