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Something Old and Something New

Aiden CC

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I had two opposite visions for the KITH this year, so I decided to make both, and let whoever gets my entry decide. The first one started out a bit rough:



I believe the first or second puck from the left is what ended up as the edge bar. I re-melted it from some wrought iron round bars. 


Meanwhile, the other knife needed somewhat more precise treatment. 


I chose to take a warikomi approach for this knife, the body is from a link of small anchor chain, opened with a chisel for the hearth steel edge. 


Here’s where the blades stand now, the right is made from MagnaCut. I don’t have as many pictures of it yet, but I have something a bit… different planned for the handle. 

That’s it for now, thanks for looking!

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Man, your recent work with that hearth steel/iron stuff is truly impressive.

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