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1095/wrought san mai

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Any recommendations for heat treating wrought iron san mai with a 1095 core steel would be welcome. I'm not sure, for example, whether or how quickly any carbon diffusion might have occurred during forge welding. I don't have an oven so this likely will be done using a gas forge. I probably will have warm canola oil for the quench unless there's something else I should be using. I've got a couple seax blades ready up to this point in the process and am hoping not to mess them up. Thanks!

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You will have had some carbon migration, but as long as you didn't soak too long at welding heat it should be fine.  Warm canola is safe, but might give you a bit of negative sori (nosedive) if the blades are thick at the spine.  If you're feeling lucky, warm brine will work too, will not cause negative sori, and is safer than plain water.  Good luck with the HT!



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