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Langes messer

Eric Estlund

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Last month I had the great pleasure of heading to Zack Jonas' shop for a week long messer intensive with Peter Johnsson. As a guy who generally works alone, the workshop atmosphere was a delight. With some long hours I was able to get the metal work finished in NH. I secured the grip panels and made the scabbard on my return to CO.




The messer is 8670 with forged 1045 fittings, blackwood scales and German silver pins.


It was important for me to have a complete object that was a true reflection of the work done in class, so I really limited after class work to a day mounting the scales cut in class, 2 days of scabbard work (sewn leather over wood with a wool lining) and then marking and sharpening the true and false edges. 





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that is a great product for a class. The fittings are impressive, too. Is the pommel pinned from the side or peened?

Really cool stuff. Good for you!

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I was just wondering the other day how that workshop went …… Really sweet work Eric…. It is nice to see some of Peter’s influence in your attention to detail…. I think the simpler a design looks the harder it is to pull off….. Less is more……. I hear Mick  singing out “ and need of some restraint” …… I think you show excellent restraint in your statement ….. Nice!!! 

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Kevin- that is peened. I'm working on another study in which the original was pinned, but opted for another slotted and through peen.


Dick- thank you. In my other work I certainly try to balance enough detail to be interesting with enough restraint to keep it clean. Peters knowledge and image base of historic pieces was hugely helpful.

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8 hours ago, Dick Sexstone said:

I hear Mick  singing out “ and need of some restraint”


No sympathy for you! :lol:


But yes, clean lines here.  Really captures that late Germanic aesthetic of the period.  Let the French and Italians get all fancy. B)

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