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2nd Annual Ron "Bowie" Claiborne Memorial Hammer-In Information Page

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Welcome to the official page for information and questions about the hammer-in!  If you got here via an outside link, let me know.


Here's the draft flyer:


hammer-in logo w copyright.jpg


The State of Franklin Blacksmith Guild

In association with the

Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths

Present the second annual

Ron “Bowie” Claiborne Memorial Hammer-in

September 29, September 30, and October 1, 2023

Farmhouse Gallery and Gardens, 121 Covered Bridge Lane, Unicoi, TN 37962


ABS Mastersmith Jason Knight

ABS Mastersmith Burt Foster

ABS Journeyman Smith Bill Wiggins

ABS Journeyman Smith Stephan Fowler

ABS Journeyman Smith Brandon Franklin

Mark Zelasky

Gerald Boggs

Mike Rose

Robin Lynch

Alan Longmire

And many more to be announced!*


*demonstrators subject to change


Chuckwagon cooking and Mrs. Lynch’s home cooking on-site!

Cutting Competition!

Iron in the Hat!

Information: Kurt.Krieger63@gmail.com or ALongmire4@gmail.com





Who we are:

The State of Franklin Blacksmith Guild is a registered IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Tennessee in 2019.  We began as a blacksmithing club called Bristol Forge at Rocky Mount in 1990, and we are the first and longest-running member club of the Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths.  Our members range from nationally known professional blacksmiths to those with a mere interest in the craft.  We have some 75 active members who attend our monthly meetings, coming from three states.  Our reach extends from Knoxville, Tennessee to Wise, Virginia to Asheville, North Carolina.

What we do:

Our purpose is to promote quality metalworking, preserving the traditional methods set forth, and to train and educate others who may be interested to join our group so they can pursue the craft as a trade or as a hobby.  Our members have taught classes in blacksmithing, bladesmithing, axe making, jewelry making, the creation of Damascus steel, casting metals, engraving, woodcarving, horn working, leatherworking, and many other aspects of the craft.  If it involves metal, heat or hammers, we do it.



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Cutting Competition will be the final event Sunday afternoon.


Rules for competition knives:

  1. Full tang, pinned handle or full length hidden tang, pinned handle
  2. Lanyard through the tang, not just handle material.  It can be in front or behind the hand, your choice
  3. Must have either a guard OR be made in such away that it’s impossible for the hand to slip onto the edge. Historically correct seaxes are out, there…
  4. Maximum overall knife length 15 inches, minimum handle length 4 inches.
  5. Most importantly, the knife must have been made by the competitor.
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Tentative Schedule, subject to change at any time:


First demo at 10 AM - Robin Lynch blacksmithing
Next is me doing a hawk, OR grinding a folder blade if my elbow isn't up for heavy forging.
12 noon : Lunch
1-3 Gerald Boggs, probably axe making.
3 - 5 Mark Zelasky, indoor presentation on Bowie knives.  Probably California knives.  Depending on what happens this might get moved to end of day Saturday.
Open at 9 AM - Precise order of presentations/demos unknown, but:
Burt Foster lecture on design
Jason Knight forging a blade
Bill Wiggins grinding said blade
Lunch at 12:00, Iron in the Hat ticket drawing at 1 PM sharp.
Stephen Fowler forging a kitchen knife
Brandon Franklin doing something
Open at 9AM
Whoever didn't demo Saturday, 
cutting competition,
End of event around 2PM.
Part of the idea of this hammer-in is a lack of precise schedule to keep the semi-chaotic feel of the original event.  We'll have two demo areas this time as well, one for blacksmithing and general forging, one for blade-related stuff.  It is possible there will be simultaneous demos.  We haven't figured that out yet.
But anyway, if you only have one day, Saturday is probably best if for no other reason than the chance to take home some cool loot from Iron in the Hat.
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