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6150 Spring Steel for Sale

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Hello All. I have a little bit of 6150 spring steel for sale. ;)  You can browse the currently available options on the Blade6150.com website. I have recently added some new material size options and will be adding more soon. I have recently changed the shipping options a bit. By that I mean I've eliminated the 12" shipping option. It's just a crazy pain to package. So here's the scoop... You can purchase the material in 48" lengths. The shipping options during checkout are 24" and 48". If you purchase a single piece of material you are buying 48" and I can ship the whole piece or cut it in half. If you purchase multiple sizes and want them cut in a combination of lengths please select the 48" shipping options and then use the comment section during to checkout to specify which material you want cut at what lengths.


I haven't raised the cost of material or shipping in two years. The 24" cuts ship for $20 flat rate no matter how much weight you add to the order. The 48" cuts are weight based shipping, but still very reasonable. What shipping costs aren't covered by the shipping you pay I cover out of pocket.


Heat treating is somewhat similar to 5160. Detailed HT info can be found here on the blade6150 website.


I've included a few pics of some blades I've made and then one of my favorites sent by Andy Alm.


If you have any questions please let me know. You can reach me here on the forum or use the contact page on the blade6150 website.


Thanks for reading. I look forward to cutting and packaging your order soon!



Description of the included torture test video

Started with some testing that the tool may see in normal use and it had no effect on the sharpness. Then I upped it by abusing the thing on a rock hard dead Dogwood Tree and still nothing. I finished it off by hammering it through a single 3/16” copper rod. The tool took no damage. Next I hammered it through a huge piece of copper cable consisting of 20 individual strands of 1/8” copper coiled together. The blade deflected slightly during that test. I took me all of 30 seconds to fix. In the video you will see one of my favorite sharpness tests. I tightly roll up some t-shirt material and draw the knife across it using the knife’s weight only. It still sliced many layers after all the testing.







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Looks like he is: https://www.blade6150.com/shop/


6150 is seriously tough steel.  Excellent for big choppers or swords.  Its original intended purpose was as truck springs for dump trucks and other heavy-duty things that needed more toughness than even 5160.  Now it's used for anything that needs to withstand major abuse and remain springy.  

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