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19th century styled Dague De Prostituee

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This one was the last one I made for bladeshow, based on on original in a friends collection, these little daggers were carried by women as protections, the guard shape and silver sheaths seem to be a standard of the style. 

The blade on this one is made from CT river blacksand, it was a direct reduction in a crucible with equal weight of charcoal fines and a small piece of cast iron form a previous smelt to help consolidate .. very inefficient method do not think I will be repeating it. 

The guard is cast sterling silver, as is the sheath, the sheath is tipped with a ruby.

The handle is carved from stabilized dyed birch .







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Definitely. I didn’t realise how small it was until the last 2 photos. Fine work.

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Nice Matt……What Charles said……in your hand is a perfect reference …. I like the ruby touch…..too bad Jack the Ripper was not introduced to one back then…. Maybe he was the inspiration ?

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Nice little piece of work for the ladies of the evening to protect themselves from some rough customers.  Outstanding work.



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21 hours ago, Eric Estlund said:

The deep hollow looks fun. Flat back/ triangular?


Do you have a shot from but pommel end?


Looks like a fun project. Did you cast the body of the sheath?

hollow is 4 sided, 3/4" wheel it was fun!

 I don't think I have one from the back, but I had coop shoot it and haven't see those shots yet so maybe?

body of the sheath was cast , I did have to do a bunch of patching , I think I would fabricated it next time.

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that is cute. Seriously, though, nice work. The silver work is impressive, too. Creative. I like it.

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