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Aiming high... WIP


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Finally finished up the logo on the pommel this weekend... ^_^




It is not 100% finished however. I am going to stipple some of the gold, however I will do this when there is no more change of damaging the pommel in any way..


Here I've done 24kt gold inlay, and set two 0,03 white diamonds. The image is not too sharp unfortunately, but it does give an idea.


All sides of the tang are now engraved, and I've started working on side A of the handle - marking inlay channels for gold around the relief sculpture towards the blade.


Have a nice sunday everyone! :)

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On 11/19/2023 at 9:30 PM, Alan Longmire said:

I greatly enjoy these little updates.  This is going to be your masterpiece. B)

That is nice to hear, thank you! :)


And here's another one. ^_^




I am getting closer to finishing the last piece of gold inlay on side A, to the left in the picture. The width of the slit is about 1,8mm.


I looked at my gold consumption today, and noticed I've just about passed 12 grams so far into the project. :unsure: :lol:


I will finish this last strip of gold inlay this afternoon, and then proceed with sanding the inlay flat - and cutting the wheat border patterns...


Almost Friday again! Have a good Thursday! 

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Now the real fun begins….. i hope you take lots of progress pics ….but if it were me I would get too involved in the fun  and forget to take progress shots….


and I think the that tape is  very cool  juxtapose to the precision of your work…..

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Allright, 12 hours of background removal later:



I decided to go quite a bit deeper than on the test piece - which will give me a bit more "elevation" to work with in terms of topography in the relief. ^_^


Next I will do this same procedure on the back of the handle, then start sculpting the front and then finally the back on this side (A).


Needless to say I am pretty nervous. I will try to improve my old test-piece a bit before I start cutting into the relief on the knife. I've been watching some wood-carving videos - and I want to try out some techniques... :lol:


Have a good Odin's-day everyone! :D

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Alright, so I've finished background removal on the rear of the handle, side B as well - so now it is time to proceed with the actual sculpting - which I dread... :lol:


I've spent a few hours improving my sculpting attempt no. 2 - and here is the result:



I've doubled the depth of the background, allowing me to play a whole lot more with topography on the relief itself. I've cut much more agressively compared with previously, and attempted to increase the level of definition.


I have however - detected a few things that need further improvement.


Please feel free to add to my three points mentioned above. <_<


My next cuts will be directly on the knife. I cannot keep churning out these test-plates forever if I am to finish this project in time...


Wish you all a good sunday! ^_^

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I felt compelled to making some changes... I think I might be on the right track:



Alright, so a bit less "round" expression, and mouth doesn't look like a blowfish...

Added some more muscle tone - but need to improve on that. I'll leave more material for sculpting on the actual piece.

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This is fun watching your progress…. You are making good choices by the looks of it…. You have been telling us patience…. Now it the time to practice it the most….. after all this investment …..

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