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New hammer

Emery White

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I forged this hammer about a month ago. It is 1045 steel ground to its final shape. The handle is a plain hickory handle from the store. I burned it using lichtenstein burning. I used a microwave transformer to do so. I did a lot of research before attempting this. Be warned it is dangerous and should not be attempted. This is not a how to guide, just showing off cool hammer.

I used 2 part gorrilla epoxy with blue food coloring for the epoxy. I finished it off with a special beeswax and linseed oil mixture. 


I'm working on annother one for a friend. I'll upload it when I am finished with it.





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That is very nice. Good work.


I watched some on the burning method you used. Cool, but yes, but very dangerous.


I work in electric distribution, so I have seen that effect unintentionally over the years.

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Dr. Lichtenstein! 


Nice job.  I've expirimented with this, using 10,000 volts from a furnace transformer.

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Thanks. It yields a pretty good end product.

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Lucky you are not litchenfried! 


Very cool hammer.

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